COP27: Epson Says Simple Tech Switches Can Help People Contribute to Combating Climate Disaster

COP27: Epson Says Simple Tech Switches Can Help People Contribute to Combating Climate Disaster

As COP27 kicks off today in Sharm El-Sheikh, amid critical global climate-related threats, Epson asserts its commitment to raise individual awareness about climate change and its severe impacts on the planet and on people’s lives. Epson looks to stress the importance of taking action for the benefit of the people and the environment.

Egypt is in the midst of a worsening water crisis. In 2022, rising temperatures as a result of climate change led to even drier conditions throughout the country. Despite this day-to-day reminder of the impact of climate change on our planet, over half of respondents (57.8%) to the latest Epson survey in Egypt are optimistic that a climate disaster can be averted in our lifetime.

Although this optimism is encouraging, there are still a number of gaps in terms of what people are willing to do now and what people are hoping to do in the future. It is not enough to hope for change, every person must make change happen by introducing small switches in their everyday lives if we are to reach net zero targets at a global and national level.

In Egypt, only 16.2% have switched to an electric vehicle, although promisingly, 63.3% are planning to do this in the future. Below a quarter (18.4%) of Egyptian respondents to the Epson survey have installed solar panels however, nearly two-thirds (60.7%) are planning to do this in the future. There are positive changes happening already with people walking or cycling more often (53.9%), improving recycling habits (45.7%), or reducing plastic use (42.1%).

These lifestyle changes amongst Egyptian survey participants suggest an increasing awareness of and urgency to tackle the climate challenge the world is experiencing. The 2022 Epson Climate Reality Barometer shows progress – but also that short-term economic demands are in danger of distracting governments, businesses, and individuals from imperative environmental action. The world needs to keep its focus and ensure decisive, rapid, and effective responses to the ongoing climate emergency.

Epson is present at COP27 to further prove its ongoing commitment to providing individuals and businesses with technological options that contribute to combating the climate disaster. A simple technology switch, from laser printing to inkjet printing, can mean huge reductions of up to 83% in energy consumption, as a result of Epson’s Heat-Free technology. Fewer consumables in its EcoTank cartridge-free printers mean huge savings in plastic waste, with one set of ink bottles being the equivalent of 79 ink cartridges and technology innovations, such as PaperLab – the world’s first in-office paper secure recycler that turns waste paper into new paper which uses virtually no water in its process – has changed the future of recycling.

Director of Sustainability for Epson Europe, Henning Ohlsson will be present at COP27 to answer any questions and provide further information and context on Epson’s sustainability agenda. With a presence in the Green Zone, Epson will be demonstrating live the difference in power consumption between a business inkjet printer and a competitor laser printer. Live links to a PaperLab will also be demonstrated every day with the specialist team based in Germany

Raising awareness and working together, Epson believes that we can all build a better future and all do our part, by making small and simple changes to our everyday lives. Just by switching the printer, you use at home or at work, you can contribute to preventing climate change.

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