Promoting a Sustainable Future for the Printing Industry

Promoting a Sustainable Future for the Printing Industry

Firas Masri, the Country Manager for MENA at Sistrade, speaks exclusively to Print Pack about his company’s participation in GPP 2022

What is the theme of your participation at GPP this year?
Our theme will be smart technologies for the promotion of a more sustainable future for the printing industry sector.

Which products and solutions will you be highlighting at the event?
We will highlight Sistrade Manufacturing 4.0, which englobes a set of available tools and solutions to boost the efficient use of equipment resources, materials, and energy creating sustainable industry and transforming challenges into opportunities.

How has 2021 been for your company and what were the learnings from that year?
Every year we set very high objectives for our company and software, with this in mind and despite all the challenges, the year 2021 was a good year. The year 2020 put many businesses on trial, because of such a disruption, many industries, including the printing and packaging industry, turned to innovation, which in itself caused a burst of growth for our company.

How is 2022 shaping up so far and how will you use the learnings from 2021 to better your strategies for this year?
2022 has been equally good or even better. We are planning to continue our growth, both, team-wise and in terms of new features and challenges that we offer our current and future clients.

Do you see a general trend towards eco-friendly packaging and sustainability goals in the packing industry?
We have been following it for quite a few years, adapting our ERP software solution to these new trends. A few examples of our solutions fully cover the issue that companies face regarding the FSC/PEFC or any other certification management. Our MES software or WMS prioritises the energy efficiency of the production resources, promoting intelligent production planning and adaptive management to the reality of its users. Following this trend, we are working every day to anticipate the solutions for our current and future clients.

What do you expect to achieve through your participation at GPP?
The transition towards a more sustainable and competitive industry is inevitable. To fully participate in building a digital, greener, and circular economy, the printing and packaging industry companies are in need of the right tools and committed partners to lead them towards change and innovation and we expect to be such partners.

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