Cellopack Looks Forward to Meeting Prospective Clients and Introduce Their Product Range

Cellopack Looks Forward to Meeting Prospective Clients and Introduce Their Product Range

Mohamed Hamza, the Managing Director for Cellopack, speaks exclusively to Print Pack about their participation at Gulf Print and Pack 2022

What is the theme of your participation at GPP this year?
Our theme this year is to introduce our company as a new Pressure Sensitive Label Material new producer in the Middle East and North Africa.

Which products and solutions will you be highlighting at the event?
Our focus this year will be on Pressure Sensitive Label Materials such as Paper Label materials and Filmic Label materials.

How has 2021 been for your company and what were the learnings from that year?
2021 has been a challenging year due to the pandemic, as well as the supply chain disruptions, and the unavailability of several raw materials. The main lesson learned is that by being diversified and having many alternatives a professional company can turn all challenges into opportunities.

How is 2022 shaping up so far and how will you use the learnings from 2021 to better your strategies for this year?
2022 has turned out to be a differently challenging year as the pandemic has been over, and the economy is trying to restart again we have been faced with the Russian-Ukraine war and the inflationary effect worldwide. As we have been well prepared for 2021 with several alternatives, we believe that we shall be able to surf through 2022 by gaining market share in our region by being much more flexible and offering innovative alternatives to our customers.

Do you see a general trend towards eco-friendly packaging and sustainability goals in the packing industry?
Yes, we can clearly see a more focused trend toward sustainability and eco-friendly packaging, and we believe that the recent inflationary trend will impose on every company to focus on being more eco-friendly and more sustainable in the industry.

What do you expect to achieve through your participation at GPP?
To introduce Cellopack as a major player in the Pressure Sensitive Label Material market as a direct supplier to the industry in the Middle East and North Africa Region, and to definitely meet new prospective clients and introduce our product range to them.

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