UK Consumers Committed to Buying Products That Do Not Use Single-Use Plastic Packaging

UK Consumers Committed to Buying Products That Do Not Use Single-Use Plastic Packaging

New research with UK consumers looking at the recyclability of the packaging of fashion items such as clothes, sunglasses, and accessories bought online or by mail order, shows that 67% will try and buy more products that do not use single-use plastic packaging.  Furthermore, over half (54%) said that they will try and stop buying products that use single-use plastic packaging completely over the next three years.

The study was conducted by Aquapak, an innovative polymer (plastics) producer which enables multi-functional materials to be produced that are environmentally friendly and meet the needs of the circular economy.  The research also revealed that the majority (72%) are not aware that there is alternative packaging available that protects fashion items in transit, such as garment bags, which can be dissolved in warm water or in the dishwasher, or even composted.

When it comes to the environmental harm caused by plastic, 58% of consumers said that it is plastic breaking down to microplastics in the ocean and harming wildlife that concerned them most. This was followed by plastics going to landfills (24%) and being incinerated and causing more pollution (12%). 

Mark Lapping, Chief Executive Officer, Aquapak, comments, “There’s no doubt that consumers are ready for change when it comes to cutting down the amount of single-use plastic packaging used by the fashion industry.  They are very aware of the harm it causes thanks to high-profile environmental campaigns.  There are already much better packaging options available which provide all of the functionality and product protection, without causing long-lasting damage to our planet.”

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