Dad Whose Baby Died at 10 Weeks Old Pens Children’s Book Series

Dad Whose Baby Died at 10 Weeks Old Pens Children’s Book Series

British Dad, Dean Munro is honoring the memory of his baby son who passed away with the launch of a magical children’s book series. Monte Gray Noel Munro was born with myotubular myopathy, a rare condition that causes severe muscle weakness and breathing difficulties. He passed away in June 2021 at just 10-weeks-old.

Determined to create something positive in his son’s name, and to help channel his grief, Dean began writing stories starring Monte – taking him on childhood adventures through his imagination. Now, just eight months after losing his beautiful baby boy, Dean’s first book, Monte’s Christmas, has already sold more than 200 copies.

Dean Munro and Monte Gray Noel Munro

“Each day I would sit in the hospital that Monte never left, reading him children’s books,” said Dean, who is 34-years-old, and originally from Brighton, England. “It was my way of communicating with him and it built a special bond.”

The Monte’s Stories books are based on events that Monte would have experienced, such as his first Christmas, and tales of his imagination running mild. “A few days after Monte died, I picked up a pen and began to write. The words were running through my head and I felt I had to put pen to paper straight away. Having never written much more than my own name, these words came straight from my heart,” said Dean.

This Christmas story is the first in the Monte’s Stories series, which Dean says will continue as long as he feels inspired to write. “After getting back from our travels in the summer I found myself not being able to write,” said Dean. “Then one morning at 4 am a lightbulb went off and the theme of the second book came to me. Now I can’t wait to get it published.”

Dean and his wife, Kirsty Munro, who own and run the Locks by Loulou beauty boutiques in Dubai, generated donations of more than £20,000 for the Myotubular Trust from a golf tournament in the UK and hope to continue more fundraising efforts.

“My outlook on life has completely changed. I have taken the most unimaginable situation and tried to put a positive spin on it,” said Dean.  “I feel like I have created something really special. Monte’s first story is now out there for the world to read and I am not going to stop here – I have already written four mote books which will follow soon. These books will help Monte’s legacy live on. They are written from the heart.”

Monte’s Stories can be purchased at and

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