Toppan to Present Latest Security Solutions at Luxe Pack Monaco

Toppan to Present Latest Security Solutions at Luxe Pack Monaco

Toppan, a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, and Toppan Europe GmbH (Toppan Europe) will participate in Luxe Pack Monaco 2021, the premier trade show for creative packaging, from September 27 to 29.

As consumer behavior increasingly shifts to the digital realm, businesses are looking for ways to optimize services by making the most effective use of customer touchpoints that are diversifying due to the ubiquity of digital devices. Smart packages in particular are generating significant interest. Such packages are equipped with ID devices, such as QR Code1 or NFC2 tags, that can be scanned by consumers’ smartphones to enable interactive communication.

Toppan and Toppan Europe provide comprehensive smart packaging solutions to European and global markets, supporting the creation of customer touchpoints and enabling businesses to provide optimized services.

Under the theme of Make It Connected, at Luxe Pack Monaco, Toppan will showcase a cloud-based ID authentication platform that creates customer touchpoints and makes the supply chain visible, products based on a concept fusing digital IDs with packaging, and a range of ID devices, including NFC tags that give digital IDs to individual products.

Main solutions on show include:

  • Smart packages with built-in NFC functions. New packages in which tamper-evident NFC tag functions have been integrated into the structure of paper-based packaging to enhance package security, maintain design quality, and streamline the process of applying NFC tags.
  • NFC labels with high-quality design enabled by decorative printing technologies. While employing metallic finishes for a premium look, these labels maintain the communication performance required of NFC tags.
  • Interactive packages that connect with smartphones via NFC to enable users to enjoy digital content such as games and music.
  • A cloud-based service in which ID devices applied to products can be read by consumer smartphones or dedicated devices in plants or warehouses to facilitate supply chain management.

Visitors to the Toppan booth will be able to experience the latest security solutions for smart packages via demos covering customer touchpoint creation and supply chain management.

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