Xerox Emirates Partners with SigniFlow

Xerox Emirates Partners with SigniFlow

Xerox Emirates, the leading provider of digital solutions and next-generation print capabilities, has added the very latest virtual signature technology to its rapidly expanding portfolio. The software provides a secure way to communicate and legally sign documents enabling remote workers and digital transformation directives. The newly established partnership with SigniFlow will see its market-leading digital signature software, which ensures total compliance with global & UAE local Digital Signature laws, incorporated into Xerox Emirates’ extensive range of bespoke, secure, and accessible business enablers.

The linkup with SigniFlow addresses the current industry trend towards the exclusive use of remote-capable digital tools to apply signatures and approvals to private, legal or otherwise sensitive documents. Offering a swifter, safer and more protected means of securing endorsements or permissions via a signature, SigniFlow’s service is fully compliant with UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) regulations

The digital signature service integrates with UAE PASS, International digital authorization and other trusted business applications delivering a key differentiation for the UAE as these are integrations unique to SigniFlow. SigniFlow’s signature service can be deployed directly to the UAE Cloud or On Prem servers without the need for integration with separate hardware.

With e-signatures increasingly being applied to a wide range of virtual documents, from day-to-day employee management to complex inter-company communications and transactions, the addition of SigniFlow to Xerox Emirates’ collection of digital solutions comes as a major boost to the company’s value proposition. It further strengthens the value Xerox Emirates can deliver to all UAE businesses looking to embark on, or accelerate, their digital transformation journey.

SigniFlow’s virtual document certificates are fully secure due to the use of cryptographic algorithms and tamper-evident tech. They are also compliant with the most common document systems, completely verifiable, and offer an authentic validity and revocation status of more than 10 years.

Simon Howells, General Manager, Xerox Emirates, said: “Businesses across the UAE are rapidly embracing the need to incorporate digital technologies that offer a greater degree of flexibility and accessibility while also boosting essential security and privacy requirements. Ideally suited to the today’s working landscape, services such as SigniFlow’s virtual signature technology help to seamlessly connect off-site staff with the requirements of office working via a safe and trusted digital platform. As the UAE, and the world in general, moves towards an online-based and paperless future, Xerox Emirates will deliver the latest, most secure and efficient solutions for all of our clients.”

“This latest addition to the Xerox Emirates value proposition now expands the digital portfolio, ensuring Xerox Emirates is firmly positioned to lead the digital transformation of the UAE,” concluded Simon. Leon van der Merwe, Group CIO, SigniFlow, said: “We are proud and excited to welcome Xerox Emirates to the SigniFlow family. Like SigniFlow, Xerox is obsessed with its customers, and we share a common goal – that of improving lives through digital innovation.”

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