FC Group Reports Record 2021 Q1 Sales Results Despite COVID-19

FC Group Reports Record 2021 Q1 Sales Results Despite COVID-19

Fenton was of a firm belief that the global printing industry, although significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, would bounce back with the correct approach and forward thinking for the new normal. This belief was not without putting in place sustainable strategic efforts at the very onset of the pandemic.

“It is therefore not surprising and very welcoming to FC Group and our partner Kodak that at the end of the first quarter in 2021, amidst the challenges posed by Covid, we have closed eight major new hardware sales encompassing five Kodak Achieve Platesetters; two Kodak Trendsetter Platesetters; plus, a Kodak Nexpress Eco SX Digital Colour Press, some which are in the process of being shipped and the others, at least 3 currently being installed in Ghana and Nigeria. Added to this is of course the ongoing consumable revenue for all these devices,” the company said in a statement.

“As a business and a team, we have all had to adapt, rethink, reflect, remain ready and dynamic, let go and move along with the new reality. We quickly developed better team cohesion using Microsoft Teams, interacted more effectively with our customers and quickly came up with creative solutions with our partners to meet the needs of our customers,” the company added.

The company further said that it had to react and respond quickly to new researched leads or that passed on by partners. The company also claims to have nurtured and moved these leads quickly through our sales funnel. The company created effective weekly communications to all its customers and leads via email, WhatsApp and on its social platforms. In addition, the company says thatr its ability to support its clients remotely using its unique technology, has been key to keeping all its clients fully supported. Furthermore, the company also took on new regions and agencies to be proactive and be ready to bounce back.

“We have paid particular attention to working closely with our partners to offer special equipment and service bundles thus promoting greater flexibility in supporting our customers’ needs, wherever possible,” the company said. “We will be releasing more news and stories on some of our customers who, by responding to the unfolding crisis, either through preparedness of their existing CTP systems through FC Group’s effective service promise or by upscaling with new equipment purchases at the right time, have managed to position themselves to benefit from the new opportunities presented by the changing business reality.”

Kodak Achieve and Trendsetter Platesetters
The company says that Kodak’s latest ACHIEVE Platesetters use up to 43% less power than previous models and up to 93% less than solutions from other manufacturers. They provide more automation and use less space. They also provide more speed, and more energy savings.

Kodak Nexpress Eco SX Digital Colour Press
Fenton says that Kodak’s Nexpress SX Digital Production Colour Platform can help customers drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page, by consistently and reliably producing market-leading image quality from job to job and day today. Announced at Drupa, now not commercially available, the new Fifth Imaging Unit and Long sheet option of up to 26”/660 mm allows customers to be able to print 6-page brochures or 3-up A4/letters. Also has an expanded feeder (roll and sheet) and in-line finishing modules to help complete jobs in fewer steps with maximum productivity and minimum waste.

Fenton, MD of FC Group is sharing the news of this great sale with industry players to encourage leaders to keep on pushing. The Africa packaging market is expected to reach a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period (2021 – 2026). Although COVID 19 is impacting the industry where packaging manufacturers are facing supply chain disruption along with decreasing manufacturing onsite in many parts of the world, this is expected to grow and forms FC Group’s key growth strategy. We have recently been given the dealership by Miraclon, New Home of Kodak Flexcel NX Solution, to also supply and look after East Africa and look forward to expanding in these new markets.

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