Digital Content Keeps Customers Engaged

Digital Content Keeps Customers Engaged

Ashish Panjabi, the COO of Jacky’s Business Solutions, speaks about the digital signage market in the region

What do you see as some of the key trends right now in the digital signage/interactive experiences market?
One of the biggest trends has been access to creative tools that help to create, control and access digital content. For a long time, this was one of the major friction points for digital or interactive signage. Creating digital content has become so much easier and many companies either use in-house designers or have access to various tools to design in-house.

With increased focus on personalization or running content fit for each location or time of day, the ability to either centrally curate customized content or allow independent locations to manage this has also given more flexibility or control as needed.

How are digital signage products being used these days?
With Jacky’s Business Solutions, we’ve been selling queueing systems for over 20 years and we saw the demand for digital signage grow as the screens that had our queuing data could also serve to entertain or engage visitors. It was found that visitors become more patient when they are engaged and in a typical waiting area, having digital content that keeps visitors busy help. Hence, we saw many of our clients, whether they be government departments or banks, typically approach us for more powerful digital signage solutions.

What is changing about the way customers interact with technology?
Since the pandemic, there is a hesitation to use touchscreen technologies, but this is where voice-activated products have become viable alternatives. In many places, digital screens also display QR codes that can be scanned so the interaction can continue on a personal device instead.

What role will contactless technology play?
Contactless technologies are the way forward. Many people in a post-Covid world will want to adopt contactless solutions so this is where voice or the use of personal technologies will become more relevant. That said, you can’t ignore the role of signage and digital signage as attraction points are needed to get a call to action.

How can retailers use these technologies to guide the customer journey?
For any retailer to make a change, they need to first think through the lens of their customer. This was often a challenge for many retailers but after going through Covid-19, we’ve all become a lot more sensitive as individuals, and everyone who works for a retailer, can empathize with the consumer.

The mental roadblock that existed within retailer mindsets has also been removed as most realize, they need to embrace these digital evolutions in their business. Today, this means contactless payments or self-checkout options, minimal human interaction, among others. Having more product information digitally available and prompting customers to access these platforms has also become a norm.

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