Digital Signage Helps Companies Bring Down Their Long-Term Operating Costs

Digital Signage Helps Companies Bring Down Their Long-Term Operating Costs

Max Hsu, the Regional Director for MEA at ViewSonic, speaks about the opportunities present in the digital signage industry

What do you see as some of the key trends right now in the digital signage/commercial displays experiences market?
The Market has evolved in a very strategic way for signage and commercial display solutions. Software providers are now focusing on improved technology by providing design-based solutions that are compatible with widely used operating systems like Android, Linux, etc. The emergence of IoT, along with the rising adoption of cloud computing, is enabling the collection of vital operational and marketing data.

Digital signage is increasingly helping companies bring down their long-term operating costs by reducing the use of printable materials, A lot of all that is now happening on the cloud and is managed remotely to make collaboration easier and faster. In fact, digital signage solutions are turning out to be one of the main tools of communication during the pandemic.

As new needs are emerging and will continue to evolve with the recent increase of adapting visual solutions in various segments and industries, and ViewSonic will always be a key player and trusted vendor to provide the newest technology in visual solutions. Recently we launched AIO Direct View LED Display which can be installed across several applications such as retail stores, airports/ railways, media and advertising, sports and entertainment, auditoriums, and control room.

How are digital signage products being used these days?
The use of digital signage has gone up in communication in high-risk areas during the ongoing pandemic especially at medical verticals. And the increasing number of indoor and outdoor events, such as sports events, music concerts, product launches, traditional advertising, dynamic content, fuels the demand for digital signage and commercial displays.

Showrooms and retail spaces are also witnessing an increase in adapting these solutions like cars showroom, banks and government service centers, as a form of communication to the end customer to promote services or products.

This surge is expected to continue and create more demand for AIO Direct View LED Display, and we as ViewSonic recently introduced a state of art “All In One (AIO) Direct View LED Display” Watch , with a premium built quality, and unique methodology of simplicity of installation and mobilisation.

What is changing about the way customers interact with technology?
Consumer requirements are dramatically changing as they get more used to the digital transformation constantly taking place around them. Remote management and collaboration have been game-changers in the past couple of years, and now people want everything on the go, at their fingertips.

For instance, a regular shopper in Dubai would like to know about all the special offers before they even reach the Mall. This helps them plan their purchases and budget better. Customers are learning to interact better with technology and to use it to their advantage.

That is why at ViewSonic our R&D team are always keen to add tools, features, and solutions to our products, which will enhance customer experience and engagement with our technology.

How can retailers use these technologies to guide the customer journey?
Retailers have the luxury of being as creative as they like with the help of these technologies. Some are already using them for Bluetooth promotions on mobile phones That are an excellent example of direct customer-directed signage being used by retailers to increase their customer base. A number of them also display in-store promos on Video Walls and Display panels in common areas to increase their brand visibility and drawing customers’ attention.

In terms of signage and digital signage, which products and solutions are your focus areas this year?
At ViewSonic Our primary focus this year will be on three main areas, Signage Displays, AIO Direct View LED Display panels, and On-premise Software Solutions for Digital Signage.

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