Pakistan’s Vision Foods & Packaging Invests in a Six-Colour Rapida 106

Pakistan’s Vision Foods & Packaging Invests in a Six-Colour Rapida 106

At the end of last year, Vision Foods & Packaging in Lahore/Pakistan took delivery of a six-colour Rapida 106 with coater and extended delivery. With the installation of this highly automated sheetfed offset press for the 3b format, the company has significantly expanded its print capacity, just five years after its founding as part of a major local manufacturer from the FMCG sector. Food and confectionery packaging is supplied primarily to other companies within the group.

Ch. Zulfiqar Ali, group CEO of Vision Packaging & Expert Advertising (right), pictured here with Bhupinder Sethi from Koenig & Bauer, has developed a clear growth strategy for Vision Foods & Packaging

The high-end Rapida has enabled the company to realise its vision of becoming one of the leading packaging producers in the region. Already today, Vision Foods & Packaging possesses modern equipment for all phases of the production process. This includes, for example, three flatbed die-cutters from Iberica (the newest of which is an Optima 106), folder-gluers and CtP systems with corresponding workflow and colour management solutions.

The Rapida 106 prints at speeds up to 18,000 sheets per hour and incorporates numerous technical features geared to board handling. To facilitate the efficient processing of heavier substrates, the press has been raised by 675 mm to allow for higher piles. The equipment list includes automatic plate changing, inking unit temperature control, EasyClean ink ducts and CleanTronic washing systems. Similarly Rapida-typical are the DriveTronic feeder, the sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS and inking units which can be disengaged when not in use.

Official commissioning of the six-colour Rapida 106 coater press in the modern production centre of Vision Foods & Packaging (left to right): Akhlaq A. Khan, director of Koenig & Bauer sales partner Imprint Packaging Solutions; Umair Latif, Rapida 106 team leader, Vision Packaging (obscured); Amer Iqbal, general manager, Vision Packaging; Muhammad Bilal Ashraf, operations manager, Vision Packaging; Hina Zulfiqar, director, Vision Packaging & Expert Advertising; Ch. Zulfiqar Ali, group CEO of Vision Packaging & Expert Advertising; Bhupinder Sethi, senior sales manager, Koenig & Bauer; Kashif Afaq, general manager, Expert Advertising (group company)

Vision Foods & Packaging expects the Rapida 106 to optimise the efficiency of its print production and places a particular focus on high output, perfect print quality and significantly reduced waste. Modern technological solutions, a high level of automation and the availability of fast local support from the service specialists at Koenig & Bauer sales partner Imprint Packaging Solutions were key arguments in favour of the Rapida 106.

Vision Foods & Packaging currently occupies production floor space of almost 20,000 m2, but is already planning further expansion. Ch. Zulfiqar Ali, group CEO of Vision Packaging & Expert Advertising, explains: “We have drawn up ambitious plans for our future growth, and that includes a new production facility with new packaging lines.” Implementation would enable the company to increase its share of the folding carton market.

Vision Foods & Packaging already operates around the clock in three shifts. Typical run lengths lie between 10 and 30,000 sheets. Certification to ISO 9001 has been completed successfully.

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