Epson Middle East Launches new Signage Products

Epson Middle East Launches new Signage Products

Epson has launched several new printing solutions to support businesses and meet organisational demands in the Middle East region for 2021. For sign makers who are looking to expand their offering and produce high-quality UV signage, Epson plans to launch in April 2021 its first UV LED flatbed signage printer in the Middle East, which allows printing on any type surface, despite the size, thickness, or weight.

Shihab Zubair, regional sales manager, Epson Middle East

The SureColor SC-V7000 includes Epson’s Micro Piezo printhead with ten newly developed original inks, for accurate color reproduction for spot and corporate colors. Further features include an ionizer, registration pins, high speed and print size, 4 multi-zone vacuum system, and a UV flatbed controller. The SureColor SC-V7000 builds on the success of Epson’s award-winning range of SureColor S Series signage printers, delivering high quality, fast and reliable results on a variety of different media.

Richard Barrow, senior product manager at Epson Europe, says, “Every feature of the SC-V7000 has been designed with the customer in mind. We have added unique Epson features to differentiate and enhance our offering to the signage market. This is a robust and affordable UV LED flatbed signage printer capable of fast and quality printing on a wide range of media. The SC-V7000 proudly marks Epson’s entry into the UV flatbed signage print market.”

For environmentally friendly organisations, Epson’s SureColor SC-R5010 Series has the capacity to include a resin ink solution, offering print service providers and creative design agencies to produce a wide range of signage in a more sustainable way, without compromising on the results. For a larger ink capacity, Epson offers the SureColor SC-R5010L.

Shihab Zubair, regional sales manager, Epson Middle East said, “We have seen great advancements across the signage industry and there are many factors that are driving this change and growth within the market. For instance, the majority of customers are now looking to opt for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, which still produces high-quality results. Epson’s new range of products, such as resin ink solutions, looks at meeting these regional customer demands, offering innovative solutions within the signage industry.”

For restricted workspaces, Epson’s SureColor SC-T3100M and SC-T5100M 3-in-1 printers, fit the needs of technical drawing, plotting CAD, GIS maps, and printing a range of assets, especially for the retail and hospitality sectors. The compact yet reliable 24-inch SC-T3100M and 36-inch SC-T5100M plotters are designed to be dust free as standard – print quality and internal components are protected, which makes it the ideal solution for environments such as construction site offices and high footfall areas. The series also provides color stability and water resistance – ideal for poster production for damp environments such as shop windows.

The SureColor SC-R5010, SC-R5010L, SC-T3100M, and SC-T5100M printers are available for purchase in the Middle East, followed by the SureColor SC-V7000 in April 2021.

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