35th Egyptian Writers Conference Postponed to Second Half of 2021

35th Egyptian Writers Conference Postponed to Second Half of 2021

The coronavirus pandemic, and the measures taken by the Egyptian government from the beginning of the pandemic to limit the spread of the virus, caused the 52nd Cairo International Book Fair to be postponed to June 30, 2021, after it was scheduled for the end of January 2021.

It seems that the Higher Organizing Committee of the exhibition tried to save the situation by announcing a specific date before the end of the current fiscal year so that the exhibition editions could be held regularly.

The situation of the Cairo International Book Fair is very similar to that of the 35th Egyptian Writers Conference. The conference is held annually in December, but the circumstances of the pandemic prevented the holding of the conference so it was postponed.

Some speculations had come out from within the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, the organizer of the conference, and a number of members of the General Secretariat of the conference, that the conference may be organized in the first half of 2021.

However, indications have not been promising; the thirty-fifth edition may be held at the end of 2021 provided that conditions have improved, and vaccines have become widely available.

So far, the General Secretariat of the conference has not officially held any meetings and the responsible committees have not been formed, and in turn, the commission has not invited the Secretariat to meet during the coming period.

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