Outlook 2021: Expect New Opportunities in the Large Format Print Sector

Outlook 2021: Expect New Opportunities in the Large Format Print Sector

P. Viswanathan, the Business Development Manager of Saasz Solutions, speaks about the opportunities to look forward to, in 2021

How was 2020 for the industry and your company? Did you face any challenges in 2020?
Like all other businesses, the printing sector came to almost a standstill. As a company, we began operations in 2020 and we were borne out of this crisis. So, we started the year with a focus on how to adapt to the challenges and seek out new opportunities within this sector.

What sort of opportunities did 2020 bring along? What were your key achievements in 2020?
When people starting working from home, we saw an increase in interior decoration opportunities within businesses, and with large format printers, as we represent from HP. These made it easier to create new patterns on different materials, and this created new opportunities for our customers. We also used this opportunity to learn to work more cost-effectively and efficiently and helped our customers to streamline their operations to take advantage of new opportunities.

What promises does 2021 bring along? Do you see opportunities in the regional markets with new markets opening up?
As UAE gets ready to host Expo 2020 by 2021, we expect new business opportunities for the large format print sector. With some of the newer applications for the use of the large format printer and a wide variety of material that it can print on, we are continuing to see new sectors that the print sector can cater to.

According to you, which technologies will be in demand in 2021?
Within the printing sector, we see demand for additive manufacturing especially in signage & display sectors, interior decoration & large volume retail display. We will focus on unique technologies represented by our brands.

What milestones have you set for 2021?
To become preferred large format print solution provider to our customers.

What would you like to do differently in 2021, when compared with 2020?
Covid 19 has taught me to run the business more efficiently using online platforms, replacing physical meetings with virtual meetings. We think we should leverage these and continue to focus on new growth markets not just geographically but sector-wise as new technologies open up the possibilities of new applications.

Do you plan to enter new markets or add new products/applications to your portfolio in 2021?
Yes. The brands that we represent are planning to release new technologies. This will enable us to enter new markets and segments.

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