Unilever Partners with Alibaba for Recycling

Unilever Partners with Alibaba for Recycling

Unilever has tied up with Alibaba Group on a waste-recycling and eco-friendly development deal. “Enhancing the quality of recycled plastic bottles means the reuse of plastic package materials will be more effective and could better contribute to a circular economy,” said Unilever Public Affairs Director Jessica Wang.

Rohit Jawa, executive vice president of Unilever and president of North Asia, was joined by Alibaba Group Vice President Jet Jing at the Unilever booth to kick off the “Waste Free World” project.

The joint initiative is an active response to the Shanghai government’s plan to further strengthen plastic control, launched earlier this year, which aims to establish and improve the long-term plastic management mechanism.

During the trial phase, about 20 recycling machines which can identify different kinds of plastics automatically will be placed at office buildings and communities in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

The plastic waste can be classified and processed for future production instead of being degraded. Those who put plastic bottles into the waste-collecting facility can earn “Ant Forest” reward points on Alibaba’s payment tool Alipay.

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