Manroland Goss Group Acquires Thallo Packaging Business

Manroland Goss Group Acquires Thallo Packaging Business

DG press Services and Manroland Goss Group have signed a Letter of Intent providing a basis for business collaboration concerning the Thallo press series for flexible packaging.

The LOI was drawn up after Manroland Goss Group purchased the intellectual property rights of the Thallo packaging business.

In 2014 DG press Services launched the Thallo press series, targeting the film and foil printing in hybrid sleeve offset technology. The base for that development was the successful VSOP press with over 90 installs worldwide in more than 60 countries, developed by DG press predecessor Drent Goebel. The VSOP press was the first to be equipped with cost-effective sleeve offset technology in packaging printing, awarded with many prizes, including the Gold Ink Award.

The Manroland Goss Group complements its existing product portfolio for the web offset packaging market with this film and foil packaging print technology, to strengthen its position and ambitions with sustainable VOC free printing in the packaging market.

DG press will play an essential role in collaboration with the manufacturing and project execution of the Thallo presses.

‘To get a customer up and running with hybrid offset sleeve technology in the shortest time involves a learning curve, and we have vast experiences in supporting this,’ said Remko Koolbergen, director of DG press Services. ‘We are excited to join forces with Manroland Goss web systems, and we are glad to contribute our market expertise in food packaging we have built up over the decades.’

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