Epson Shows Off Sustainable Printing Solutions at GITEX 2020

Epson Shows Off Sustainable Printing Solutions at GITEX 2020

At GITEX Technology Week 2020, Epson is showcasing its range of sustainable solutions for businesses and education – that also support the current need for social distancing. This year’s demonstration areas, Sustainable Solutions for Business and Smart Solutions for Educationwill give a flavour for how technology can deliver both efficiency and cost savings, as well as support the growing demand for sustainability.

“There is no doubt that the recent months have changed the way we live and work, especially with social distancing practices. We have seen a strong demand for our technology to help support new hybrid work and learning environments. The Middle East market is now looking for technology that helps remote workers and students stay connected, as well as being flexible, cost-effective and eco-friendly,” said Jason McMillan, sales director, Epson Middle East.

Epson’s sustainable solutions for business
As per Epson’s recent survey, 91% of Middle East employees expect a change in the use of shared devices, including printers, as they return to the office. While it’s natural that people will be cautious about sharing products, simple software solutions such as Epson’s Print Admin mean that printers can be used without the need to touch buttons to retrieve prints.

In addition, 89% of those surveyed expect a higher use of green and sustainable technology, to improve the environmental and social impact of businesses post-COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has accelerated many trends, including highlighting the importance of sustainability. Businesses in the Middle East must plan now to ensure they’re ready for the sustainability revolution. This is a huge opportunity for forward-thinking organizations looking to make simple changes that impact the future of both their businesses and the environment,” said Jason McMillan, sales director, Epson Middle East. “Epson returns to GITEX to show how simple switches to using smart, sustainable technologies can save money while helping to make organisations greener and more flexible.”

This year’s demonstration area will highlight the benefits of Epson’s Heat-free business inkjet technology which enables its printer range to reduce energy consumption by up 95% compared to laser printers – reducing both cost and CO2 emissions. The lack of heat also means there is no warmup time needed, ensuring fast first page-out speeds and improving productivity. And fewer consumable parts mean less user intervention and fewer used consumables to store and dispose of.

Epson’s smart solutions enhancing the education sector
Epson will also showcase solutions to enable schools and universities to deliver the best possible education for in-person, remote and hybrid learning. Epson’s interactive display solutions for example, such as the Epson EB-1400 series, are smart solutions that can help bring a class together, even if some students are joining remotely.  With scalable screen sizes of up to 155 inches, the projected material is easy to read, even from the back of a classroom. Being more spread out due to social distancing won’t impact any child’s ability to learn.  

To help teachers engage remote students in a lesson, Epson’s visualisers allow for the live projection of 3D objects. Schools and universities can also benefit from efficient, secure and sustainable printing with the WorkForce Enterprise and WorkForce Pro RIPS business inkjet printers.

Printing at home is now more important than ever before. Epson’s EcoTank printers are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional ink cartridge printers. EcoTank printers come with up to three years’ worth of ink in the box, which is enough to print up to 14,000 pages.

Experience Epson solutions in the Hall 3 meeting rooms of the Dubai World Trade Centre during GITEX Technology Week, running from 6-10 December 2020.

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