Easy Cut Studio 5 Is Now Available for KASA, UKCutter, VEVOR, SSK, Helo, and OmniSign Plus Cutters

Easy Cut Studio 5 Is Now Available for KASA, UKCutter, VEVOR, SSK, Helo, and OmniSign Plus Cutters

Easy Cut Studio has announced its updated version of Easy Cut Studio. The newly released version 5.007 extends the capabilities of Easy Cut Studio by offering support for KASA, UKCutter SMURF, VEVOR, Marsh Stencil Express, SSK Designtech 60, Helo HSP, and OmniSign Plus cutters. The new version also provides many optimizations and improvements, and even better performance than before.

Easy Cut Studio is the user’s first choice cutting plotter software that allows them to manage their preferred workflow with highest flexibility. It includes everything a user can expect from cutting plotter software and is bound to exceed expectations with many additional features. the latest version has an all inclusive signage design and cutting solution that is superior to all other competitive applications out there.

The software is great for both beginners and experienced users and compatible with the best printers and plotters on the market. Includes support for all the latest and legacy vinyl cutting plotters used by most signshops today. Manufacturers supported include, Roland, USCutter, Mutoh, Summa, Gerber, Liyu, GCC, Graphtec, KASA, UKCutter, VEVOR, SSK, Helo, OmniSign Secabo, Ioline, Seiki, Teneth, DGI, Foison, Saga, Vicsign, SkyCut, Rabbit, Redsail, PixMax, JinKa, Silhouette, Vinyl Systems, Marsh, Vinyl Express and many others.

Eric Lee, CEO of EasyCut Studio, said: “As a pioneer and excellent software for signage design, printing and cutting. We will always adapt to changes in technology and the market and update our vinyl cutting software in time to meet more cutter users’ needs. Every time the operating system is upgraded or user feedback was collected, EasyCut Studio will conduct a long and comprehensive test on all software.”

Easy Cut Studio 5 also improves a lot on its core feature: Add Fabric mode to Shadow Layer, Add the pressure option for Summa cutters; add a “Parallel (LPT)” option for Liyu SC-E model. Fixed a problem with fills in exported SVG files; Fixed choosing language, Fixed new project custom size, Fixed default baud rate for all USCutter models, Fixed menus displayed in Dark Mode.

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