Xerox Emirates Gets a New Management Team

Xerox Emirates Gets a New Management Team

Xerox Emirates has announced its new strategic management team that will help to drive the company forward with its ambitious digital transformation plans. Each new member of the team brings a wealth of industry knowledge to their individual roles as well as in-depth knowledge of the UAE and wider GCC region’s business landscape, customer base, and workplace culture.

Consisting of General Manager, Simon Howells, Chief Financial Officer, Shekhar Pylur, Sales and Marketing Director, Shahzeen Mir, and Post Sales Director, Bogdan Cieplucha, the new leadership team has already implemented a range of exciting, market-leading, and digitally-first programmes that demonstrate Xerox Emirates’ transition towards becoming a market-leading intelligence and technology provider.

With almost two decades of cutting-edge technology and consumer media expertise, General Manager Simon Howells is the ideal person to lead Xerox Emirates through what is the most exciting period of the company’s recent history. “I see a bright future ahead for Xerox Emirates as the company powers ahead with a drive towards digital transformation and innovation that will offer an exciting platform of solutions for our full spectrum of clients and business partners,” said Howells.

“I have worked in the media industry for a long time, and I’m more excited than ever about this new phase of operation and evolution Xerox Emirates is embarking on as we bring to market an innovative collection of products, services and ideas that have been created for the needs and demands of the 21st century marketplace and beyond.”

As Chief Financial Officer, Shekhar Pylur, plays a leading role in overseeing Xerox Emirates’ current growth plans as well as helping to ensure the company is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory of development across a variety of sectors and locations.

Shahzeen Mir, Xerox Emirates’ Sales and Marketing Director, has recently re-joined the company after a successful spell in the UK. A highly respected, consistently successful and results driven executive, Shahzeen has already demonstrated a formidable ability to lead from the front by seeking out new clients and new revenue streams linked to the company’s expansive new outlook and ability.

Bogdan Cieplucha, Post Sales Director, is tasked with making sure Xerox Emirates delivers on its commitments to new and established clients and that its drive towards a new digital outlook is coupled with the delivery of exceptional products and services.

An integral part of Xerox Emirates’ forward-thinking plan to develop its commitments and evolve its services to meet the demands of an expansive customer base, each member of the management leadership team has been selected because of their broad range of business skills and impressive professional network of important clients and major brands.

“I’m excited at the prospect of working closely with Xerox Emirates’ new management leadership team and bringing the company’s ambitious digitalization plans to fruition as we rapidly grow from a traditional printing services provider into a state-of-the-art, digitally driven and technology focused business that operates at the very cutting edge of creativity. Everyone at Xerox Emirates has taken huge inspiration from the appointment of the new leadership team and are eager to play their part in the company’s ongoing development and growth,” added Howells.

Andrew Hurt, Deputy Group CEO of Mohammed Hareb Al Otabia Group and previously General Manager of Xerox Emirates, said; “With a highly experienced leadership team now in place, I am confident that we will add value to our employees and customers while positioning the company for long-term success.

Xerox Emirates has welcomed a fantastic and diverse group of leaders who are operating at the very top positions of the company, a wonderful fact that perfectly reflects the diversity of our business, our clients and our extensive array of products,” said Hurt.

“My focus now is to make sure we are helping our customers on their digital transformation journey, delivering the support and technological capabilities to meet their needs. Our employees are our biggest asset, demonstrating dedication and skill every day to drive the business forward in 2021 and beyond,” concluded Howells.

Commenting on the new management team, Mohamed Amer, VP and Regional Manager, Xerox MEA said, “The management leadership group’s focus and drive have seen them tap into Xerox Emirates’ impressive portfolio of digital services, intelligent solutions, and transformational ideas and lay solid foundations for substantial and sustainable future growth. The pandemic has stimulated digital transformation and innovation efforts. The leadership team is delivering the step change for our customers by supporting the prioritization of technology that can draw data, automate workflows, personalize at scale, and powerup a flexible and adaptable workforce, crucial in a COVID-impacted world.”

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