PrintPack MEA: November 2020 – Reset, Refocus, Restart

PrintPack MEA: November 2020 – Reset, Refocus, Restart

Welcome to the first edition of PrintPack MEA magazine‭. ‬It is the result of the work of many people committed to the creation of‭ ‬a top-notch magazine that focuses on regional printing‭, ‬packaging‭, ‬signage‭, ‬consumables, and related industries‭. ‬

Today‭, ‬our industry is facing different problems when compared to even a few years ago‭: ‬the market is tough‭, ‬customers are more demanding‭, ‬and technology is more complex‭. ‬Thus‭, ‬this magazine is the culmination of our drive to have an industry platform for presenting and discussing a wide range of topics that cater to our industry‭.‬

Along with the magazine‭, ‬we also have a very strong online presence through our website‭; ‬our social media channels on LinkedIn‭, ‬Facebook‭, ‬Twitter, and YouTube‭; ‬and our brand new and industry-first podcast show called PrintPack Connect‭. ‬Through these channels, we aim to bring thought-provoking feature articles‭, ‬market research pieces‭, ‬and dialogues with industry experts‭, ‬some of whom are featured in our inaugural issue‭. ‬And this is just the start‭!‬

Though the development of this platform has been in the works for the past two years‭, ‬I would like to emphasise that the fundamental nature of our content‭, ‬such as in-depth analyses of topics related to our industry‭, ‬and their consequences and benefits‭, ‬remains solid‭. ‬We hope you enjoy reading through the magazine‭. ‬

If you have any suggestions or comments‭, ‬please feel free‭ ‬to write to us at‭‭!‬

Chris Fernando

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