New Brazilian Plant-Based Meat Brand Launches in the UAE

New Brazilian Plant-Based Meat Brand Launches in the UAE

Future Farm, a Brazilian FoodTech company, is now offering plant-based meat products in the UAE. Positioning themselves as a more sustainable, healthy and tasty alternative for consumers who want to live a conscious lifestyle, in just two months, Future Farm have not only gained more than 10% of the ‘vegan meat’ market share of a major retailer, but also solidified themselves as a strong competitor in the market.

First launched in Brazil in April 2019, the startup has already sold over five million burgers worldwide, including Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, within their first year of business. With four products available, their current rate of growth is setting up Future Farm to be a global leader in the plant-based foods sector. The FoodTech company’s latest $21.5million investment will allow them to accelerate their expansion into other markets including the USA, Europe and Asia.

“Future Farm create their products to appeal to the mass market. The plant-based food industry has achieved 29% growth in the past two years alone, when pairing this with the decline of conventional meat consumption, there is space for a new player in the market. Having already gained remarkable interest in Brazil – the world’s largest meat exporter, Future Farm is confident that they can achieve their aim in encouraging UAE consumers to live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle through their everyday food choices,” the company said in a statement.

Their products come in four different varieties: burgers, mincemeat, meatballs and their new sausages. Made from GMO-free and gluten free soy, beetroot, chickpeas and other plant ingredients and with 11% less calories than the current global leaders. Their products are revolutionary with meaty and smoky flavours to give the mouthwatering taste that is often hard to find in plant-based foods.

Future Farm is not only targeting plant-based eaters, but cater to those who are seeking alternative food options with less fat, few calories, people who are trying to eat less meat, flexitarians, and more. Now available in Carrefour hypermarkets across the UAE, as well as Choithrams and online retailers such as Instashop, and ShopKitopi and Organic & Real customers will see Future Farm’s competitively priced products in eye-catching packaging. 

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