Xerox Emirates, IMMJ Systems, and Ideal Middle East Partner to Create Mediviewer

Xerox Emirates, IMMJ Systems, and Ideal Middle East Partner to Create Mediviewer

Xerox Emirates, IMMJ Systems, and Ideal Middle East have come together in a strategic partnership to create an all-in-one solution for the medical industry. Called MediViewer, this solutions is a next generation Electronic Document Management System launched in the UAE. 

Specifically designed for patient records to deliver a paperless healthcare environment, MediViewer provides clinicians and relevant hospital staff with a powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly solution to view a patient’s digitized paper and electronic records. This simple yet sophisticated platform facilitates rapid access to clinical content providing a 360º view of a patient’s record at the point of care.

The partnership between Xerox Emirates, IMMJ Systems and Ideal Middle East provides a strong foundation to implement MediViewer across the medical industry in the UAE. Xerox Emirates and Ideal Middle East’s experience coupled with a configurable, intuitive system serves to ease and simplify the transition from paper to digital records thereby increasing rapid user adoption and introducing all the advantages of fully digital patient records. MediViewer is built around the needs of clinicians on the front line, working as they work rather than expecting them to fit the technology consequently delivering clinical and operational benefits.

Simon Howells, General Manager, Xerox Emirates LLC, said, “This partnership will help strengthen the paperless approach in the UAE’s healthcare sector, which is something we’re very proud of at Xerox Emirates. The all-in-one solution is a perfect synergy between all three companies and each of our expertise will ensure an easier to use, faster to implement, more adaptable system than there has ever been before in this industry.”

Max Smith, IMMJ Systems’ Chief Revenue Officer, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Xerox Emirates and Ideal Middle East, our organizations shared vision and expertise coupled with MediViewer is a perfect combination to deliver a paperless healthcare ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates.”

Russell Mayne, the General Manager of Ideal Middle East, said, “Ideal is extremely excited to be partnering with IMMJ Systems and Xerox Emirates to implement MediViewer across the region. This is a fantastic opportunity for paper-based organisations to quickly digitize, in addition providing a mechanism for digitised organisations to manage their legacy paper records.”

“MediViewer also offers an integrated scanning and document classification module that drastically reduces the time and costs historically associated with scanning and indexing records bringing seamless and unrivalled benefits to the scanning process and ingestion of the digital imagery into MediViewer.  This is especially important considering the mandatory requirements to connect to Health Information Exchanges across the region,” the companies said in a statement.

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