How Digital Signage Can Help Businesses Adopt No Contact Strategies

How Digital Signage Can Help Businesses Adopt No Contact Strategies

Digital signage display continue to help businesses meet their customers’ needs, especially while adopting necessary social distancing practices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor digital signage proved to be very effective and convenient in informing, educating and helping the public. The technology has always been used to maintain visual updates, display different marketing materials, help guide customers and enable an engaging experience without the need for human interference or direct contact.

Advanced LG Electronics (LG) digital signage displays are designed to help businesses transform into an improved and modernistic model. These signages help enhance customer experience and can be used for different purposes. Digital signage is known for its ability to entertain, inform and engage customers through compelling visual assets and by providing real-time assistance and guidance. These advanced and smart devices can be used in a variety of institutions and settings, from retail and corporate office entrances to educational classrooms and hospitals.

In order to meet the evolving needs of businesses during these challenging times, LG Business Solutions provides digital signage that can make customer experiences seamless and communicating new updates instantaneous. The displays can accurately communicate key information and visual updates in vibrant colors and vivid details.

Here are some of the different settings in which LG “Untact” digital signage can effectively help business adapt to new social distancing measurements. Corporate offices can use advanced digital signage technology and interactive signage in their entrances to help guide and welcome visitors to facilitate the safe movement of people in crowded places. LG provides the perfect match for this setting with high brightness window-facing signage.

This is one of the institutions that need to use digital signage the most. Medical facilities are busy places, especially during a pandemic, hence, they can use indoor displays to keep patients organized and informed during the wait time. For a hospital lobby, it is recommended to use an indoor high brightness LED signage, UHD signage or Ultra-Stretch for larger display screens.

Marts, grocery stores or convenience stores can use interior digital signage to keep shoppers informed, address stock updates and store hours. Thankfully, digital signage has led to the enhancement of the quality of advertisement content, thus creating stronger impact on customers[1]. They can use UHD high brightness signage for promotion announcements and other marketing messages that require a large display.  Retail stores can also facilitate advanced services like self-check-out with touch signage.

LG advanced displays and solutions are optimized to match different environments, industries and diverse customer needs to revolutionize the way people conduct business everywhere in the world. LG’s advanced digital signage displays are available across Middle East and Africa.

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