Screen Enables Remote and On-Site ‘Corona-Proof’ Testing of New SAI Label-Printing Tech

Screen Enables Remote and On-Site ‘Corona-Proof’ Testing of New SAI Label-Printing Tech

Screen has turned necessity into a virtue, making its new Truepress Jet L350UV SAI label printer available for remote demonstrations from its Technology Centre in Amstelveen. The new SAI label-printing technology significantly expands the capabilities of digital printing for label and narrow web packaging applications. And existing and prospective customers can now see this ‘first-hand’ with remote yet thorough demonstrations of the new machine.

“They are able to let it print labels according to their specifications, watch the machine run from different angles, and get detailed explanations from its operator. They can then inspect the print result in close-up images on their computers at home or office. Screen sends hard copies of test runs via courier, allowing ‘real life’ inspection of test runs within 24 hours,” explains Carlo Sammarco, Business Development Director.

“Remote testing has taken off since we installed the L350UV SAI a short while ago,” says Sammarco. “It’s a solution to travel restrictions due to Covid-19. It’s also a tremendous cost and time-saver for our existing and prospective customers, who are spread across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We think these sophisticated remote demonstrations will very likely continue to be relevant after the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Screen has invested significantly in the equipment needed to bring these online demonstrations to life, and the applications team has honed its presentation skills to make them engaging and compelling in a virtual environment. Of course the Amstelveen site is also open for those still able to travel for in-person demonstrations.

The Truepress Jet L350UV SAI is based on new technology that provides an improved range of colour accuracy and vibrancy. In addition to the CMYK inks, two more colours – orange and a unique blue – can be factory-ordered or field retrofitted to the machine.

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