Stone Paper Intros New Repurposing Technology to Aid in an Environmentally Restorative Future

Stone Paper Intros New Repurposing Technology to Aid in an Environmentally Restorative Future

Stone Paper, a manufacturer of mineral paper, is disrupting the traditional, cumbersome recycling process by introducing a new repurposing technology in its mineral paper lifecycle. The company’s goal starts with building global awareness which leads to a more sustainable and healthier environment. Stone Paper is continually searching for innovative solutions in an effort to improve existing technology. 

For years, recycling has been over-praised and been seen as the only environmental solution. Greenwashing has been embedded into every single industry. While it’s positive that people have become conscious enough to want to find an interim solution to waste, and through recycling, create something else, the process of recycling requires a lot of energy and resources, especially when only a fraction of all items can be recycled. 

Stone Paper products are designed with repurposing in mind. In order to repurpose the mineral paper, Stone Paper partners with local waste management companies to collect the mineral paper waste from commercial and industrial sites. They are then taken to a repurposing facility, where the mineral paper waste will be shredded to destruction. The end result is a mix of calcium carbonate substance which can be custom made for industrial use, such as construction, 3-D printing, carbon reduction technologies and more.

For those with a view to caring for the environment, a step back and reconsideration is needed. Prior to the recycling and greenwashing industry push, there was an innate understanding that reuse and repurposing of everyday objects was the best solution to waste. Due to the intense energy and resources required to recycle items, recycling should not be seen as the primary solution, but as a last option, just before the garbage can.

Reusing and repurposing are a step back to our roots and an ideal solution for the future. Historically, resources were scarce and therefore valued; items were made to last or at the very least, manufactured with the intention that they be reused over and over again. The idea of disposables is a plastic-age term. 

“Relying on landfills is becoming increasingly costly and environmentally questionable,” says Catherine Clarke, Waste Management Planner at Stone Paper Global Technologies. “The closer we get to making landfills a thing of the past, the better for everyone. We all need to work together to use new technologies as an alternative.”

Repurposing does not create pollution and puts us more in charge of the waste we create. We need a change in perspective to one in which quality outperforms quantity and encourages the elimination of product waste. This requires a systematic change in people’s lifestyles in order to achieve a more sustainable standard of living.

“We’re not wealthy enough to buy cheap things over and over,” says Sam Farhangi, chairman and CEO at Stone Paper. “Buying a quality item once and using it for a long time is far better for the environment and our budget. That’s why I’m so proud of the work we do at Stone Paper.”

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