HP and 3M Partner to Offer Large Format Graphics for Commercial Signage Apps

HP and 3M Partner to Offer Large Format Graphics for Commercial Signage Apps

Last month, HP and 3M, announced a new collaboration to share large format graphics for commercial signage applications. Signage is crucial to communicate social distancing and health and safety messages as public spaces, workplaces, and businesses reopen amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

The 3M Graphics COVID-19 Related Signage library for HP is an online resource providing templates, design elements and poster artwork created to communicate guidance on social distancing and signage for wayfinding, in addition to signage for public health awareness. Key resources that are relevant to our region include floor and carpet graphics for social distancing and wayfinding that are durable, removable, cleanable with UL 410 approved for anti-slip. Also check out the display custom window signs or decals for storefront windows, mirrors and glass.

The ready-made design elements make it easy for designers and HP Large Format print service providers (PSPs) to create and produce applications. As most parts of the world prepare to re-open, having the right messaging wherever customers or visitors are is important, but given that most of this is going to be there for extended periods, it should be printed with durable materials and remain easy to understand, hence this collaboration with 3M and HP.

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