Komori Cancels its Participation in drupa 2021

Komori Cancels its Participation in drupa 2021

Komori has announced its decision to cancel its participation in the drupa 2021 exhibition planned for April of 2021 due to ongoing concerns over the novel coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19). The decision to suspend attending the exhibit is made in response to the continued spread of COVID-19 and the potential risks of a second or third surge of the pandemic. Komori puts the highest priority on ensuring the health and safety of its global customers and employees.

While these unpredictable circumstances prevent Komori from participating in drupa 2021, its plan is to launch an array of new products and services in the days to come through open house events and active participations in regional exhibitions. New information will also be released on Komori’s plans to utilize various media outlets to stay connected, such as corporate websites, information and video distribution services, emails or SMS, online exhibitions and webinars.

Komori is committed to providing the best service, products and technical solutions from the customer’s perspective. Komori’s concept of Connected Automation is designed to connect people, processes and technology to transform the expectations for productivity in the printing industry. KP-Connect is the core of an open platform that brings this concept into reality. Through the connection of various machines, including offset and digital printing systems which are equipped with the latest automation technologies, KP-Connect delivers significant value through its role as an important remote communication tool between customers and Komori.

The pace of social and industrial structure change is accelerating rapidly in 2020, challenging the operating climate of the printing industry. As a company whose goal is to inspire customer Kando—beyond expectations—Komori takes pride in always putting its customers first. The company’s focus is to listen to customers in order to develop and deliver the innovative technologies and services that are essential for the success of printing companies worldwide as they work to adapt to the evolving changes of our industry.

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