Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza AlNahyan Pens The Horse, The Saluki & The Falcon

Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza AlNahyan Pens The Horse, The Saluki & The Falcon

Having received widespread acclaim for her first four children’s novels, Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza proudly launches her fifth work. The Horse, The Saluki & The Falcon is a collection of quotes which aims to shed light on the positivity of the universe and on the silver linings of the life we lead, during a period of growing uncertainty globally. The renowned author embarked on her literary journey 2014, with a fiction novel for young adults, that to this day remains a work in progress. Along the journey of sharing her words with the world, the author has penned a series of widely acclaimed children’s stories including ‘The Invisible Orphans’, ‘The Well of Mysteries’, ‘A Play on Children’s Rights’ and ‘Umm Al Nar’.

“Remember to show love to those who don’t show love. They are the way they are because love wasn’t given to them when they needed it the most” – The Saluki

The Horse, The Saluki & The Falcon pays homage to her homeland, taking celebrated animals from the Emirati culture and turning them into icons of wisdom that impart lessons in empathy, love and kindness. Taking stylistic inspiration from Charlie Mackesy’s critically acclaimed book, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza AlNahyan takes her knack of weaving percipience into prose. As a writer in her twenties, Salama’s works, collectively, follow the progression of a young adult’s understanding of the world and workings of relationships around them. This latest release charts the author’s crossover into fiction for a more mature audience.

“When you are aware that life is your greatest teacher, you will be at peace with whatever comes next. Everything teaches you something.” – The Horse

Built on the idea that animals speak in languages we don’t hear, the book puts together the idea that animals represent wisdom that has far preceded us and will far outlive us. Each animal represents a different aspect of the human experience, speaking to an inquisitive young child, the three come together to present an understanding of human relationships, introspection and self-love. The Horse represents beauty and power, speaking of the tenacity of the heart; while the Saluki symbolises intelligence, speed and loyalty, the Falcon signifies alertness of the mind and soul. Each quote relies on the animals’ characteristics offering a different perspective for the curious child’s questions. 

Olga Byrne’s poetic illustrations accompany this book, a choice that the Sheikha describes to be as intuitive as the emotional current that runs through her latest work. The author and the illustrator first connected in 2015 and quickly forged a strong artistic bond which lends itself so effortlessly to the writings of The Horse, The Saluki & The Falcon. 

Whilst this latest launch was planned to take place at the Paris Book Fair, the current situation lent urgency for the need for such silver linings. Hoping to provide relief and reassurance, Salama noted ‘This book is a work for all ages, it teaches humility, compassion and empathy to young and mature readers alike.The book is now available for purchase and download in electronic format on Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza’s website

Other Titles by Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza, include:

  1. The Invisible Orphans 2019
  2. The Well of Mysteries 2019
  3. A Play on Children’s Rights 2019
  4. Umm Al Nar 2019
  5. The Horse, The Saluki & The Falcon 2020

Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza AlNahyan is an Emirati Author from Abu Dhabi. She began writing at the age of 21 and her first Children’s Book was published in 2019. She currently has 5 books published and is working on a fiction novel for young adults. Art plays a big role as an expression of the characters and in world-building in the author’s writing process. Salama Bint Hazza’s mission is to evolve as a writer and to inspire others as part of her journey.

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