Automated Integration of MultiPress MIS with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Announced

Automated Integration of MultiPress MIS with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Announced

Kodak and Dataline Solutions have just entered into a Certified Partnership to advance process integration and networking between management information systems (MIS or ERP systems) and the digital production workflow in the printing industry. Dataline develops and provides the MultiPress MIS software for print service providers of all sizes and operating in all segments of the graphic arts industry. MultiPress is number one in the Benelux countries in terms of installations and is also rapidly gaining in popularity throughout Europe.

As a condition of end-to-end automated operations, printers need high-performance integration between their management information system and the production workflow. The efficient two-way integration of MultiPress with the market leading KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is achieved using KODAK PRINERGY Business Link Software and additional integration developments by Kodak and Dataline, which are all based on open standards. This enables seamless connectivity with third party applications and eases future system expansions.

Customers of both companies can profit from a seamless, automated and transparent flow of data and information between the business and administrative level and production. Thanks to the accurate order data and instructions which are received from the MIS, the job files are automatically processed correctly in the PRINERGY Workflow environment without any further operator intervention. Jobs can be routed through production with end-to-end automation and maximum efficiency – up to the final output, whether on plates or digital. In the opposite direction, detailed production information that is supplied to the MultiPress MIS from Kodak’s PRINERGY Workflow supports precise costing, production planning and invoicing.

“This new partnership between Kodak and Dataline will generate lasting benefits and significant added value for the customers of both of our companies,” said Todd Bigger, Vice President, Software, Kodak Print Division. “The collaboration will enable even tighter integration as well as end-to-end automation between processes that are crucial to get jobs to press fast, economically and error-free as a condition of efficient and profitable print production.”

“We’re delighted that this collaboration will result in significantly higher operational efficiency and precision as well as cost savings and, ultimately, more profit for customers working with market leading software products such as KODAK PRINERGY Workflow and our Dataline MultiPress MIS solution,” commented Dirk Deroo, CEO of Dataline.

As part of the new partnership, Kodak and Dataline will host the joint webinar “Boosting Integration & Automation by Dataline & Kodak” with a live demonstration of the automated interaction between MultiPress MIS and PRINERGY Workflow as well as the concrete application benefits for print service providers. The webinar will take place at 4:00 pm on 9th July. Customers and prospects from the printing industry are cordially invited to take part. Register here for the webinar:

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