Miraclon Partners with Phoenix to Expand into Middle East

Miraclon Partners with Phoenix to Expand into Middle East

Miraclon has signed a new partnership with Dubai-based Phoenix Technologies to distribute its products in Arab states, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2007 by Afsal Kottal, Phoenix Technologies specializes in supplying print businesses with technologies for streamlining operations, such as MIS, color management tools, as well as productivity monitoring and enhancement tools. Currently, Phoenix is the Middle East and Indian distributor for brands such as GMG Color, X-Rite, Hybrid, Global Vision, IGT, Enfocus, Siegwerk, Arden, and Ink Maker.

“The Gulf region is a large market brimming with potential for package printing and therefore one in which Miraclon has a big role to play,” said Kris Capiau, packaging sales director for the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and Eastern Europe at Miraclon Corporation. “Gravure printing continues to be widely adopted in the area and our products are uniquely suited to help speed up the conversion to flexo printing. As a result, we welcome the opportunity to partner with a company that has both the sector knowledge and the large footprint to be able to drive Miraclon’s presence in the region.”

“Flexo printing is gaining momentum in the Gulf region, with more businesses investing in the latest technologies and new players entering the market,” commented Afsal Kottal, managing director at Phoenix Technologies. “I expect this shift towards flexo printing is set to continue for the foreseeable future, mainly due to shorter run lengths and reduced cost of operations, not to mention the possibilities that automation has to offer for printing presses.”

“We believe that, with Miraclon’s knowledge and solutions, we will be able to capitalize on these trends, maintaining the highest quality service that our customers have come to expect from the Phoenix Technologies brand, while also helping them to further enhance their production capabilities,” concluded Kottal.

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