Brother’s New GTXpro BULK Offers Mass Production and Flexibility Combined in One Machine

Brother’s New GTXpro BULK Offers Mass Production and Flexibility Combined in One Machine

With the introduction of the GTX printer three years ago, Brother says that it has redefined the standards in direct-to-garment printing. “Now the time has come to go one step further and combine the advantages of the GTX with an innovative bulk ink system, together with a new, improved print head and a whole range of features. The result is a space-saving and reasonably priced industrial direct-to-garment printer for mass production without sacrificing the well-known advantages of the GTX,” the company said. 

The printer comes with a new Bulk Ink system, which saves costs for large production quantities. The Brother Innobella Textile ink is available in 2kg and 20kg containers. The newly developed white ink print head technology for inside- ink-circulation results in a reduction of white ink waste. 

The printer requires lesser maintenance, which means no need for morning preparation anymore. It also needs less waiting time, which means the new cap design leads to 40% less purging time, the larger colour sub-tanks are refilled during the printing process.

The new white ink print head design allows us to use more nozzles than previous models and by choosing “fast mode” in the print settings you can print up to 10% faster than before. The sensor also detects if the textile touches the print head. In addition, the new sensor technology detects whether the platen is too low in order to reduce ink mist and assure a high print quality. The “low sensor function” can be disabled if required. 

The installation and training are done by an authorised Brother DTG technician. It is also environmentally friendly since it uses OekoTex passport and GOTS 5.0 certified inks. All the above mentioned features can be found in a contemporary, compact machine that fully meets all the requirements of mass production. 

“Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience in the direct-to-garment business and through intensive discussions with customers and experts, we have succeeded in developing a mass production machine that meets all market requirements, available on 1st June 2020,” the company said.

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