COVID-19 Impact: “COVID-19 Impacted Us in a Positive Way”

COVID-19 Impact: “COVID-19 Impacted Us in a Positive Way”

Santosh Mulay, the Vice President for Business Development at InSoft Automation Pvt. Ltd, says that it was business as usual for his company amid the COVID-19 pandemic

During this COVID-19 crisis, what measures have you undertaken to continue your own business without disruption?
No special measures required and it was work as usual. We are a software development company. Most of our engineers and developers work from home. The company provides the infrastructure to enable working from home. In-person meetings are held at the office on demand. 

We serve customers in Europe, the Americas, Asia and ANZ. The varied time zones and the need to respond to customer requests in the shortest possible time, has engendered our work practices. We have chosen this innovative path of working from 2013. So, normal global working methodologies are not applicable to us.

What measures and initiatives have been taken to provide uninterrupted service to customers? 
We had been working from home for the past eight years. So, it made no difference to our customers. In fact, because of the lockdown our availability was for an enhanced period of time.

Which top industry verticals and markets have you seen the maximum traction? How has COVID-19 impacted business with existing customers in those verticals and markets?
COVID-19 impacted us in a positive way. Many prospects who had seen our software and intrigued by it but could not make time for evaluation came back and started the evaluation. We have closed two significant deals in the past 30 days.

Have you put in place any contingency plans if this crisis persists or gets escalated?
Given our situation we do not think there is any scope of further plans. But we are open to new ideas.

What sort of business and financial impact do you expect for your business as a result of COVID-19?
Our Jan-Mar quarter did get impacted a bit. But this quarter is doing fine for now.

Have you kick-started any initiatives for your employees to better handle this crisis?
Employees are our assets. We do counsel them, on care to be taken even if they are working form home, maintaining social distancing, avoiding going out if not necessary, ensuring each family member is following this, taking extra care of elders in the family.

Where do you see new opportunities emerging from – either industry sectors, jobs, markets?
The situation overall will be stagnant for some time, but we feel there will be a V-shaped recovery.

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